I will do a Photograph of your Child, and add a fun cartoon Character or cool abstract
background. Just think of how your child would enjoy having a Photograph with a fun
Cartoon Character  or real cool abstract background and by doing so you are helping
support a great cause. I am not asking for funds for my work, all I am asking you is to make a
donation to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. In exchange you will receive a very
unique graphic photo of your child.  Depending on the package and template you choose, all
I will need is for you to  supply me with either a face photo or full shot photo of your
child. You can also supply me with the Child's first name if you choose to do so, or if not that
is ok . I will do the graphic details by adding your child's photo to the graphic template that
you choose.

Donations To St. Jude's Children's Hospital Research.
$5.00 Donation- you will receive one 5x7 Photo

$10.00 Donation- you will receive one 8x10 Photo

$25.00 Donation- you will receive two 8x10 Photos (you can pick two graphic templates)
and one 5x7 photo ( you can pick one graphic template)

$50.00 Donation- you will receive three 8x10 Photos (you can pick three graphic templates)
and four 5x7 photos (you can pick four graphic templates)

If interested in having a graphic photo done of your child,  1st you need to make the
donation to St. Jude Children's Hospital , go to the Donation link and fill out all info for St.
Jude's Hospital.  St. Jude's Hospital will send you a copy receipt of your donation,   I need   
you to email the copy of the receipt to me at

After receiving of vertification of your donation,  I will complete your photo package and
personally email photos to you.  

Thank You in help and supporting the beautiful children of St. Jude Children's Hospital.


Lisa Laspino ( Kids Photo For Cure)
Donation Form for  St.
Jude Children's
Hospital Click Here